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Wireless that Works.

With more than 35 years of commercial wireless leadership, Inovonics is the industry leader in reliable wireless technology for life-safety applications. Inovonics provides flexible, cost-effective solutions to the senior living and commercial security markets by leveraging an extensible cloud platform, purpose-built software, APIs, dependable hardware components and unparalleled network infrastructure. Inovonics technology can be integrated into any cloud or premise-based application.

Founded in 1986, Inovonics pioneered and patented the use of 900 MHz wireless technology. As an industry leader in reliable wireless technology for life-safety applications, Inovonics provides flexible, cost-effective solutions to the senior living and commercial security markets by leveraging an extensible cloud platform, purpose-built software, APIs, dependable hardware components and unparalleled network infrastructure. Inovonics technology can be integrated into any cloud or premise-based application.

Renowned for exceptional performance and reliability, tens of millions of Inovonics wireless devices have been deployed in the most challenging of commercial environments. Inovonics works with leading OEMs and partners to continuously advance the use of wireless technologies.


Inovonics values honesty and integrity, believing these values are best served when the proper balance between career, community involvement and personal life is maintained. Inovonics values diversity and candor throughout all levels of the company, philosophies that continually focus our efforts to creatively meet the needs of our customers. Inovonics believes that quality begins with customer expectations and ends with customer satisfaction, and that quality is best measured by the customer’s success. Above all, Inovonics believes that the company’s success rests squarely on the competency, creativity, teamwork, diversity, initiative and integrity of its employees.


Inovonics commercial grade technology affords the most powerful and affordable wireless sensor network available to the commercial building market. Self-healing and self-configuring, the Inovonics EchoStream wireless network provides the robust wireless coverage necessary to operate in the most challenging commercial environments, and allows multiple applications to run on the same wireless backbone. Virtually any size of network can be created reliably, ranging from a single panic button to thousands of transmitters serving sprawling multi-building campuses.

Roper Technologies, Inc.

Inovonics relies on leadership that empowers employees to embrace and amplify our core values. Inovonics is a part of Roper Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: ROP), a diversified industrial growth company providing engineered products and solutions for global niche markets.


Founded in 1986 to design and manufacture commercial grade wireless products, Inovonics has developed three generations of wireless sensor network technology. Due to the reliability of Inovonics wireless sensor networks, the company has been trusted to monitor and protect some of the world’s most sensitive sites. Tens of millions of Inovonics devices have been installed in commercial buildings, including banks, retail outlets, multi-family housing complexes, world heritage sites and health care facilities around the world.

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WISA Welcome’s Amarok





We are an award-winning, industry-leading perimeter security solutions provider. From day one, our goal has been protecting your property, your people, and your profits.

From Guard Dogs…
In 1973, our founder Bill Mullis started out with a much simpler security solution – guard dogs. For 20 years, he provided guard dogs to businesses in need of a security solution.

To Electric Fencing…
As customer needs began to shift, Bill realized he needed to expand the business to include a more foolproof method. That’s when he introduced the Electric Guard Dog™ electric fence, which became an industry-leading crime deterrent for businesses nationwide.

To Ultimate Perimeter Security
Modern, integrated perimeter security solutions deserve a brand to match – and one that better reflects our fierce commitment to our customers. Hence, Electric Guard Dog became AMAROK. Named after the wolf-like creature of legend, AMAROK pays homage to our heritage and signals our continued pursuit of perimeter security innovation.

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WISA Welcome’s Insperity




Insperity was founded on the belief that, when businesses succeed, communities prosper. For more than 35 years, Insperity has been a trusted advisor to America’s best small and midsize businesses, providing them with the scalable HR solutions they need to maximize productivity, manage risks and drive growth.

Insperity has a long history of improving the success equation of small and midsize businesses across the country – because when businesses succeed, communities prosper. And in today’s changing business environment, it’s our privilege to take care of an organization’s most valuable asset: its people. What differentiates our HR solutions from the competition is our personalized, optimal blend of service and HR technology.

Our mission and values are the foundation of a company culture that encourages a commitment to excellence and a heart for service. We encourage our employees to get involved and make a difference in the lives of others through volunteerism and community leadership. Whether you have 10 employees or 5,000, we have an HR strategy and specialists ready to help you overcome your business challenges.

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WISA Welcome’s AvantGuard Monitoring Centers




Our name, AvantGuard (pronounced ah-vahnt-gard), is derived from the word avant-garde, meaning, “leaders in new and revolutionary ideas.” Indeed, we are a leader and innovator in how we provide monitoring solutions for alarm and IoT entities across North America. We are poised to monitor any event or signal, any time, with speed, accuracy, and exceptional service. Our mission is to provide professional monitoring solutions that save lives, protect property and inspire peace of mind.

Our monitoring roots trace back over 40 years. Since then, our innovative team has lead us to become pioneers in central station and disaster recovery with eight fully redundant central stations that service dealers across 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada.

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WISA Welcome’s wahsega



Our mission is for every building in the world to have an intelligent system that protects the people within. With proactive monitoring and building intelligence, Wahsega creates safe environments that allow people to learn, create and work on what they do best. We created the next-generation platform for mass notification. We believe in protecting people and linking device management with building intelligence.

Wahsega has a diverse and growing team with decades of industry experience from engineering, design, marketing and sales.

We are made up of passionate people from all walks of life with the single unified purpose of making sure each and every customer is beyond happy. Through the principle of Kaizen, we are always looking for ways to improve every internal and external process which results in better and better products for our customers. With the lofty goal of achieving intelligent buildings everywhere by 2027, it’s easy for each of us to be passionate about our jobs.

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WISA Welcome’s Senstar


Safeguarding People, Places, and Property

With intelligent video management, video analytics, access control, and innovative perimeter intrusion detection systems, Senstar offers a comprehensive suite of proven, integrated technologies. Senstar products have been protecting critical assets around the world for over 40 years. Key to our longevity and success is the ability to deliver leading-edge security and risk management solutions, backed by deep industry knowledge and world-class support.

Senstar takes a flexible and innovative approach when addressing the needs of our customers, offering a comprehensive suite of proven technologies that increase security and reduce complexity.

Senstar protects high risk assets in markets that require high levels of security—including critical infrastructure, logistics, corrections, and energy.

Senstar solutions allow customers to gain true organization-level knowledge and business intelligence, allowing for better risk management and decision-making.

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