REPLAY: 2023 Annual Golf Outing

REPLAY: 2023 Annual Golf Outing

In memory of Bob Werner

Remembering Bob Werner

On September 21st, the Wisconsin Security Association held their Annual Golf Outing in memory of Bob Werner from Integrated Security Solutions. Bob was well known in the security industry and everyone who knew him, loved his infectious personality. Bob was honored at the outing by family, friends, co-workers and his security family. Co-worker Joel Anders, stood in front of the group and shared who Bob was to him. “He had an unwavering personal character commitment. Bob was uncompromising on doing things that he knew how to do them. The correct way. It is the only way Bob would do it.”

Presentation of Career Achievement Award

David M Koenig, CPP | 40 years – Capital Lock Inc.

Mike Horgan, H&S Protection Systems, was honored to give Dave Koenig the WISA Career Achievement Award at this years golf outing. Although this was not Daves only WISA award over the years, it is one of great importance. As an industry icon for 40 years this award is well deserved. “As the name suggests, honors not only his longevity which is a nice way to say that David is old, but also that he is accomplished all that he has done and contributed throughout his 40 years in the alarm industry.” Horgan stated. “And in a way, this award might just be the most special of all. For tonight, David is being honored right here in Wisconsin by the friends and colleagues who have know him longest and best.”

Congratulations Dave!

Recognize Your Employees

WISA holds an annual award meeting each year, where every member of our organization can recognize an outstanding administrative person, technician, or sales person. There is no addition cost to our members to nominate your employee, all you have to do is complete the Awards Nomination Form and turn it in. If your nominee is selected by our Association’s Past Presidents, you will need to present your award during our annual celebration. The only question left is do have a person in mind that went way above and beyond for you?

Associate Member & Career Achievement Award

by Mike Horgan

A Tribute to David Koenig

Check out what everyone had to say to Dave in the video below!


Thank you Dustin Skupniewitz and Darren Mueller

Programs & Events Chair & Co- Chair

WISA is thankful for all the support that comes from our golf sponsors each year. We are grateful to Dustin Skupniewitz and Darren Mueller from ADI for all their hard work and dedication each year in helping to grow the golf event year over year. With their support we had our largest golf outing to date. Thank you, Dustin and Darren!

We could not do this without you!

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2023 Event Sponsors

WISA Welcome’s STid



Discover the largest range readers OSDPTM verified and our complete offer to reach the highest level of security. With Smarter business Models. We are the first manufacturer certified by the ANSSI (CSPN) and considered the best partner for government organizations and defense departments in physical security identification issues. Our products are OSDPTM – verified and SSCP-certified, offering the highest levels of security.

In addition, our award-winning range of access control readers withstand most environmental hazards (IK10 to resist shocks and impacts, IP65-level against bad weather, and further resistance to chemicals, detergent, oil, fuel, and more.)

Visit their website for a complete list of services. 

WISA Welcome’s LifeSafety Power




Power Innovation is in our DNA

LifeSafety Power has reinvented the category of power from static hardware device to networked solution that brings real-time data and intelligence to access control, fire, intrusion, CCTV and other connected components. Integrators and end-users know exactly how critical systems are performing, with analytics that capture a snapshot of the health and status of power at a single location or enterprise, significantly increasing uptime. LifeSafety Power’s integrated, modular enclosures yield lower total cost of ownership and the ability to perform remote services and monitoring. From the award-winning Multi-Site Manager Enterprise™ to the prewired and ready-to-install UL/ULC ProWire™ Unified Power, LifeSafety Power is your partner for new managed services, labor Savings and increased profitability.

Our History

LifeSafety Power was founded in 2009 with the goal of not just creating another power supply. A small group of industry professionals with over 50 years of combined experience teamed up with an experienced group of high volume power supply manufacturing experts and took a “clean-sheet” approach to redefining the access control power system.

From the beginning, FlexPower was designed to be intelligent, modular, and efficient, with an on-board microprocessor watching and controlling the power supply. Innovative features such as a USB connection for programming, adjustable battery charging profiles, and fault counters, were the cutting edge in access control power supplies. A grid mounting pattern in the enclosures, with three standard PC board sizes allowed mix-and-match combinations of power supplies and output boards, with a modular listing making it all possible.

Over the years, continuous improvements to the FlexPower line have kept LifeSafety Power at the forefront of access control power system technology.  NetLink revolutionized the industry, allowing network monitoring of the power system and the battery sets, while managed output boards provide unparalleled visibility right down to individual outputs.  Unified Power’s innovative backplate system allows the installer to combine system and lock power with the access control panels all within the same enclosure.  ProWire takes it to the next level with all internal wiring to the access control modules completed at our factory for fast, easy, and consistent installations.

Visit their website for a complete list of services. 

WISA Welcome’s Inovonics




Wireless that Works.

With more than 35 years of commercial wireless leadership, Inovonics is the industry leader in reliable wireless technology for life-safety applications. Inovonics provides flexible, cost-effective solutions to the senior living and commercial security markets by leveraging an extensible cloud platform, purpose-built software, APIs, dependable hardware components and unparalleled network infrastructure. Inovonics technology can be integrated into any cloud or premise-based application.

Founded in 1986, Inovonics pioneered and patented the use of 900 MHz wireless technology. As an industry leader in reliable wireless technology for life-safety applications, Inovonics provides flexible, cost-effective solutions to the senior living and commercial security markets by leveraging an extensible cloud platform, purpose-built software, APIs, dependable hardware components and unparalleled network infrastructure. Inovonics technology can be integrated into any cloud or premise-based application.

Renowned for exceptional performance and reliability, tens of millions of Inovonics wireless devices have been deployed in the most challenging of commercial environments. Inovonics works with leading OEMs and partners to continuously advance the use of wireless technologies.


Inovonics values honesty and integrity, believing these values are best served when the proper balance between career, community involvement and personal life is maintained. Inovonics values diversity and candor throughout all levels of the company, philosophies that continually focus our efforts to creatively meet the needs of our customers. Inovonics believes that quality begins with customer expectations and ends with customer satisfaction, and that quality is best measured by the customer’s success. Above all, Inovonics believes that the company’s success rests squarely on the competency, creativity, teamwork, diversity, initiative and integrity of its employees.


Inovonics commercial grade technology affords the most powerful and affordable wireless sensor network available to the commercial building market. Self-healing and self-configuring, the Inovonics EchoStream wireless network provides the robust wireless coverage necessary to operate in the most challenging commercial environments, and allows multiple applications to run on the same wireless backbone. Virtually any size of network can be created reliably, ranging from a single panic button to thousands of transmitters serving sprawling multi-building campuses.

Roper Technologies, Inc.

Inovonics relies on leadership that empowers employees to embrace and amplify our core values. Inovonics is a part of Roper Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: ROP), a diversified industrial growth company providing engineered products and solutions for global niche markets.


Founded in 1986 to design and manufacture commercial grade wireless products, Inovonics has developed three generations of wireless sensor network technology. Due to the reliability of Inovonics wireless sensor networks, the company has been trusted to monitor and protect some of the world’s most sensitive sites. Tens of millions of Inovonics devices have been installed in commercial buildings, including banks, retail outlets, multi-family housing complexes, world heritage sites and health care facilities around the world.

Visit their website for a complete list of services. 

WISA Welcome’s Amarok





We are an award-winning, industry-leading perimeter security solutions provider. From day one, our goal has been protecting your property, your people, and your profits.

From Guard Dogs…
In 1973, our founder Bill Mullis started out with a much simpler security solution – guard dogs. For 20 years, he provided guard dogs to businesses in need of a security solution.

To Electric Fencing…
As customer needs began to shift, Bill realized he needed to expand the business to include a more foolproof method. That’s when he introduced the Electric Guard Dog™ electric fence, which became an industry-leading crime deterrent for businesses nationwide.

To Ultimate Perimeter Security
Modern, integrated perimeter security solutions deserve a brand to match – and one that better reflects our fierce commitment to our customers. Hence, Electric Guard Dog became AMAROK. Named after the wolf-like creature of legend, AMAROK pays homage to our heritage and signals our continued pursuit of perimeter security innovation.

Visit their website for a complete list of services. 

WISA Welcome’s Best Sun Control, LLC




We are a family owned Commercial and Residential Window tinting business, into our 2nd generation. We have been providing top quality products and service for over 25 years. From UV protection & glare reduction to security & decorative films, we have it all.

Best Sun control is a family owned and operated business since 1992. Our mission is to provide the best services with top quality products.

We ensure that all materials from vendors and partners are up to our standard in regard to service, pricing, and quality. Quality management plays a great role when delivering our services and we are glad to say we have mastered it.

Our team has worked with thousands of clients over the years. As a result of our continuous growth we have established a full team ready to answer any questions.

Visit their website for a complete list of services. 


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