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The Wisconsin Security Association focus on your success. Membership in the WISA offers advantages not available from any other source.

The Wisconsin Security Association promotes the interest of the electronic protection and alarm system industry. The WISA informs the public of services performed by the industry.

It facilitates communication among those engaged in the sale and installation of electronic security systems by providing a forum for the discussion of ideas and problems.

The Wisconsin Security Association encourages the enactment of legislation beneficial to the electronic alarm system industry and the public interest.  Of utmost importance to the Association is the promotion of professionalism.

The Wisconsin Security Associations’ Board of Directors works for you and is made up of 7 members of the association, which represent all aspects of the electronic systems industry. In this day and age the security industry must be aware of rapidly changing technology and regulations. Membership in the Association provides technical and management training, government advocacy and delivers information, advice, tools, and services that will help a company grow its business and prosper.

As a group, the WISA is in the forefront of industry leadership in Wisconsin and has a significant presence in the National arena. The WISA keeps a watchful eye on activity in the State of Wisconsin and in the United States Capital.

The WISA also offers a wide range of training opportunities for you and your staff. It’s a proven fact that proper training and education of employees improves the bottom line. As a member you will be offered these classes at a very special discounted rate.

Membership meetings and other special events give you the opportunity to meet with peers, suppliers and manufacturer’s reps to discuss topics of value to all. The WISA holds several regular membership program meetings each year with speakers addressing a wide range of topics. Special events include a golf tournament, trade show and holiday party.

Your company name is listed on our website with your address, e-mail address, and if you have a website you will receive a free link.

Joining the WISA is easy. Complete the application and the consumer report release form and submit them with your dues check plus a $45 application fee. Upon receipt of these forms and completion of the background check the board of directors reviews all applications on a monthly basis. The dues and application fee are held pending the result of this process.

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