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The mission of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition is to create a structure for all interested parties to come together under the banner of “dispatch reduction” and “alarm management” and through a coordinated effort maximize the impact on “false dispatch reduction” and “alarm management” across North America by maintaining a liaison with national and state (or provincial) law enforcement leadership, while educating and empowering local alarm communities to proactively foster relationships with law enforcement before a crisis developes.
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SIAC is a 501(c)(6) not for profit corporation providing free services to all parties. We do not sell any products nor do we have membership/dues. We rely strictly on donations, by making a donation you will allow us to continue our work of reducing alarm dispatches by promoting good alarm management practices. We would be honored to add your name to our list of contributors.

By making a donation, you will support our common efforts to deliver balance model alarm ordinances to law enforcement, monitoring proposed alarm ordinances, work to remove onerous provisions and reducing false alarms. Unnecessary alarm dispatches are costly to both the public & private sectors. Recent law enforcement initiatives in several cities would pass customer fines directly to alarm companies or curtail response to alarm systems. Historically, multiple groups have attempted to manage different segments of this problem. SIAC was formed by the four North American Alarm Industry Associations to offer one highly focused entity as the “one voice of the industry” to deal exclusively with this issue.


To donate by check, make payable to “SIAC” and mail to:
13541 Stanmere Dr.
Frisco, TX 75035
Ph: (972) 377.9401

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