WISA Welcome’s New Member ZKTeco




ZKTeco USA is a globally renowned enterprise focused on delivering biometric verification technology designed to help make the world a safer place for all its inhabitants. ZKTeco USA brings to market a wide range of solutions including Smart Identity Authentication Applications, Smart Entrance Control Applications (for both pedestrian and vehicles), and Smart Office Applications.  Our touchless solutions are designed to enhance safety & security while also improving upon efficiency & the end-user experience through automation.  We explore.  We innovate.  We deliver.

ZKTeco USA is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.  We focus upon marketing, selling, servicing, and maintaining products and warranties for the entire ZKTeco product range sold throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Visit there website for a complete list of there services. 

WISA Welcome’s New Member Lisbon Creek Systems



Lisbon Creek Systems, LLC. is a Wisconsin based technology company that specializes in providing high level system design, installation, and support.  We understand that the customer is the most important part of any company and work very hard to satisfy our customers.  We have over 58 years of low voltage systems design and installation experience​.  We take a creative approach to identify our customers technology challenges and create a solution that fits their needs.  Let us put our expertise to work for you!

Visit there website for a complete list of there services. 


WISA Welcome’s New Associate STANLEY Security Wholesale Monitoring

STANLEY Security, a division of STANLEY Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK), is a provider of integrated security solutions defining the future of the security industry. STANLEY delivers a comprehensive suite of security products, software and integrated systems with a strong emphasis on service. STANLEY is powered by a culture of continuous innovation, providing revolutionary technology and unmatched customer service to commercial, institutional and industrial businesses and organizations. (more…)

WISA Welcome’s New Associate Member NVT PHYBRIDGE




NVT Phybridge is a global leader in Power over Long Reach Ethernet solutions. NVT Phybridge strives to help organizations maximize their IoT return on investment by providing high-quality PoE solutions that are robust, secure, and simple to implement. The award-winning CHARIoT series of long reach PoE switches and extenders help customers modernize to an IP-based network, transforming existing or new infrastructure into an IP path with power.

NVT Phybridge is a North American-based technology company with global reach dedicated to practical innovation. The number one priority is bringing innovative and affordable solutions to the market that are technologically advanced and practical for the customer. Learn more at www.nvtphybridge.com.



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Meet ESA Instructor of the Year! Donald C. McInnes

Paul Baran Instructor of the Year

The Wisconsin Security Association is excited to announce our very own Don McInnes as the winner of this years Paul Baran Instructor of the Year Award!


ESA will do a formal award presentation to Don at ESA’s Leadership Summit at our Awards Ceremony, being held September 30th at 7:00 PM–8:00 PM. This year’s event is virtual, so everyone is able to attend and join us to celebrate Don’s award.

The Instructor of the Year Award was dedicated by ESA in 2011 as a deserving tribute to Paul F. Baran for his long-time commitment to the electronic life safety and security industry.  Mr. Baran’s dedication to training and certification was an inspiration to all who knew him. An avid supporter of the industry, he devoted his energy and expertise to elevating its level of professionalism.  (more…)


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