Potter Electric Signal Company has been operating in St. Louis, Missouri for over 120 years. In that time, we’ve gone through many changes and grown as a company by developing high quality products with a global reach. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to American manufacturing. Our headquarters and manufacturing facility has remained in St. Louis since 1898, and we are proud to have become a leader in the fire and life safety products industry. We have a vested interest in providing Americans with quality jobs so that they may support their families. At Potter, we understand the importance of family because we are a family.

We take pride in providing quality products that save lives every day. Nothing leaves our facility without going through rigorous testing and quality checks. Assembling and shipping from the same location in St. Louis makes our quality assurance very reliable. Every flowswitch, fire panel, and nitrogen generator that you purchase is not only manufactured to the highest possible standard, but it puts money in the pockets of American employees. Americans who buy local food, support local businesses, and contribute to the U.S. economy in countless ways.

Our desire to stay in the United States has set us apart from our competition. Assembling in the USA provides several distinct advantages to not only us, but you as well. High safety standards for our workers mean that we have a happy and healthy staff eager to create high quality products for you. Quick shipping turnaround allows us to get products to you promptly. Direct oversight of quality control allows us to make sure that you are getting the best product available every single time you place an order. For all of these reasons, we at Potter couldn’t be more proud of the fact that we are an American manufacturer you can count on!


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