WISA Welcome’s Current Electric






At Current Electric, we are the leader in illuminating and energizing people’s lives with top quality, innovative solutions and service that “Wows”.


We, the Current Electric team, are comprised of positive, successful professionals who are committed to being the best in the industry. We pride ourselves on a positive attitude, consistent professionalism, and on-time delivery of results. We consistently “Wow” our customers with fabulous service. We treat everyone with respect, openness, and fair play and receive the same in return. We promote our customer relationships with surveys, newsletters, and customer-focused “happy calls.”

We address electrical problems as opportunities for solutions, which allows our team to deliver on our “can do, make it happen” attitude. We stand behind our work and provide service with a smile. We encourage the advancement of every team member with training, coaching, and support. We continually advance our technical knowledge to make your dreams and ours become reality

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WISA Welcome’s Slingshot Data Labs, LLC




Slingshot Data Labs provides business technology consulting services for small to medium sized businesses. If you are looking to get more out of your technology, are thinking about an upgrade, or just wondering whether there is a way to make things easier on yourself and your team by using technology, then we would love to speak with you. At Slingshot Data Labs our goal is to help you accelerate the development of your business.

We specialize in the technology solutions you need to run a modern business that enhance your team’s efficiency and increase your revenue potential. Whether you have a great idea but aren’t sure how to get there, or even if you just need a fresh set of eyes to make sure you aren’t missing any opportunity, then Slingshot is the IT Consultant for you.

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WISA Welcome’s Holophane Lighting




“For 125 years, Newark, OH  based Holophane Lighting is the leading US manufacturer of:  Architectural Outdoor lighting, roadway, highway, heavy industrial, demanding environments,  security, and life safety lighting.   Holophane is a division of Atlanta, GA based  Acuity Brands Lighting, the largest lighting manufacturer in the world.”

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WISA Welcome’s LRG Inc.




We are the only regional representation firm providing national support capability through our marketing alliance network. We are committed to your business growth and profitability through select products and service partners. Calling on a strong relationship and solution selling, we have grown to 18 sales associates that support Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

LRG shares a special support affiliation with our regional representation counterparts. This enables us to present a united front to our customers so that nationally interconnected opportunities are strategized and executed in a matter that best meets the needs of the customer.  LRG brings you the relationships necessary to be successful and competitive in today’s market.

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WISA Welcome’s ICT




Integrated Control Technology (ICT) is a world leading manufacturer of unified and intelligent electronic access control and security solutions that enable organizations to protect their people, operations and information.

Founded in 2003 by Hayden and Rachael Burr, ICT began with a focused vision to provide innovative and easy-to-use electronic access control and security solutions. Almost 20 years later, tens of thousands of companies worldwide use ICT products and systems every day, and our vision remains steadfast and engrained in all we do.

With headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, we have a global presence and an international reach. Offices in Denver (USA), Toronto (Canada), Melbourne (Australia), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Hong Kong, provide full local sales, support and service to our clients and partners around the world.


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WISA Welcome’s New Member ESR Consulting Services





ESR Consulting Services LLC was started with a simple idea in mind. Provide great customer service and your services will sell themselves. We’re a small word-of-mouth-based company devoted to helping fill in the gaps where your company needs it most. We bring 25+ years of experience in the security industry, with a heavy focus on using software solutions like SedonaOffice to enhance and compliment operations. Be it with reporting, data projects, or process improvement we strive to be the one you talk about when you say to your colleagues, “I know someone that can help”.

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