​Let UniFirst First Aid & Safety handle your company and employee safety and health needs. With a variety of products and services, UniFirst First Aid & Safety will regularly check in and replenish items to help keep your employees healthy and your company compliant with standards and regulations.

VIP Cost Analysis

Transparent complimentary evaluation on your current first aid program versus the UniFirst First Aid & Safety program.

Products & Services

Such as first aid cabinets and kits, supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), AED, eye wash stations, certified safety training programs, and much more.

Stay Compliant

UniFirst First Aid & Safety is here to keep your staff healthy and ensure that your company stays in compliance with the latest ANSI/OSHA standards.

Did you know:


With over 35 years in the industry, UniFirst First Aid & Safety is the most experienced first aid van service in the U.S.

UniFirst First Aid & Safety will clean and sanitize first aid cabinets, check inventory levels, expiration dates, and replenish as needed to ensure that all OSHA/ANSI standards are met. On a regular schedule they will visit your place of business to provide products and complete on-site compliance inspections.

UniFirst First Aid & Safety allows you to select the items and inventory you want in your cabinets. They can also work with you to incorporate existing first aid cabinets to eliminate waste and save you money.


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