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Was your business negatively impacted by COVID-19? You may qualify to receive an Employee Retention Credit (ERC). Let Experian Employer Services do the “heavy lifting” and assist you with maximizing ERC benefits and leveraging reports fully substantiated for IRS auditing, with little disruption to your business operations.

Efficient Process

Best in-class technology and consulting expertise increases efficiency for finding qualified time and ensures compliance with the IRS audit standards.

Expertise-Level Support

Regardless of size, clients receive the same level of service, technology, support, and expertise as our Fortune 100 clients.


Deeper Analysis

Payroll data is directly analyzed to consider all areas of eligibility – instead of hapharzardly missing opportunities.

Did you know?


Your business may be able to qualify for up to $26,000 per employee.

Am I eligible to qualify?


  • Did your gross receipts experience a reduction during any quarter compared to the previous year between March 13, 2020 and September 30, 2021?
  • Did you experience a full or partial shutdown due to Covid-19?
  • Were your business operations subject to modification due to Covid-19, or due to government orders?

Fill out the form below to get connected with an Experian ERC expert to learn if you qualify.


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Exclusive Discounts from Constant Contact | Savings4Members

Drive big results with Constant Contact’s powerful email and digital marketing tools. Best for small businesses looking to drive more sales, grow a customer base or engage with an audience, our suite of tools can help build strong connections and generate powerful results.

Try for Free

Start your 60-day free trial. No risk. No credit card. Explore email automation, AI tools, and more.

Save up to 25%

When you’re ready for a paid plan, save 20-25% with our prepay options.

Easy to use

Create emails and automations in no time, thanks to 100s of templates and simple tools.

Did you know:

99% of email users check their inboxes every day? Plus, email offers the highest and most measureable ROI of all types of marketing. The average ROI is $36 for every $1 spent. Simply put, you invest a dollar and in return receive 36 times from it. Ready to get in on the action?

*Discounts will be applied at the time of purchase when you pay in advance for your 6 or 12 month subscription. Constant Contact will not allow this much of a discount to display on their public website.


Exclusive Discounts from Constant Contact

Exclusive Discounts from CardConnect AIP | Savings4Members

Are you looking to earn more from every credit card payment? Are you processing in the most optimum environment? CardConnect AIP (CC AIP) will analyze your set up as well as any potential savings. Most implementations take less than 45 minutes and the average annualized savings exceeds $20,300 per company.

CC AIP is pro merchant and has access to some of the best technology in the industry. Not only do they provide their clients with the highest level of security, they can also lower the cost on certain Mastercard & Visa commercial cards by almost 40%. Members receive best in class with every aspect of CC AIPs model, next day funding, and periodic account audits to ensure there are no issues with your account.


CC AIP is compatible with most ERP & POS systems in the industry



Is paramount on the CardPointe platform. P2PE and Tokenization ensures your customer sensitive data is protected throughout the life cycle of a transaction.

Transaction Management

Access all of your data 24/7 in real-time

Are you maximizing your margins when accepting credit cards?


98% of member statements have resulted in savings. CC AIP has saved their clients over $50 million!

CardConnect AIP’s mission statement is simple, to be the last processor their Clients will ever need, by providing HONEST pricing & service, from people who actually know your business.


Exclusive Discounts from CardConnect AIP

Exclusive Discounts from T-Mobile’s | Savings4Members

Get more savings and more value as you add more lines to your small business T-Mobile account. In addition to member discounts on devices and monthly plans (12% Off Eligible Rate Plans), leverage T-Mobile’s easy team management solutions, priority support, and mobile security features.

Port-in Credits


Get up to $650 in credits per line for the first 5 lines and up to $300 for lines 6 and beyond when you switch to T-Mobile.


Price Lock


Get peace of mind with T-Mobile’s Price Lock guarantees that new accounts with qualifying plans can keep the same regular monthly rate plan price for their current unlimited talk, text, and data on our network.

Features made for Business


The future of 5G is not limited to only smartphones. As 5G continues to evolve, T-Mobile is ready with 5G Advanced Network solutions to power collaboration, productivity and IOT.



Did you know that if you have a business account with T-Mobile you can extend special offers to your employees on their personal accounts through T-Mobile Work Perks?

When it comes to staying connected, productive, and profitable – let your membership help. T-Mobile offers members a variety of powerful business solutions that go far beyond simply making calls.

Whatever your business size, T-Mobile’s mobile-first network has the capacity, speed, and coverage to keep you connected virtually anywhere. For all the things you do to keep your business moving forward, you need a mobile network built to make them happen. From customizable plans, fleet, and asset management solutions, mobile point of sale options, business internet, and much more, T-Mobile has you covered.



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Exclusive Discounts from WasteFocus | Savings4Members

Get a FREE analysis on your waste & recycling costs.

For the average business, waste handling can be a drastically overlooked area of your overhead costs, but as a member – you have access to the best rates possible. Make wasting on waste a thing of the past with your member benefits. From dumpsters to bulk items, construction and demolition materials, and more – WasteFocus will oversee the entire process for you, ensuring efficient and effective services that maximize your savings from month to month. It’s fast, easy, risk-free, and great for your bottom line.

Lower costs

Significantly reduce solid waste and recycling expenses by as much as 35%

Pay nothing out of pocket

WasteFocus only gets paid by putting money back in your pocket, retaining a small percentage of the savings

Keep your current hauler

In many cases, members need not make any changes to their existing hauler arrangements

Optimize your waste accounts today


As recycling challenges become a primary driver of increasing waste costs, Industry experts expect waste & recycling costs to rise close to 45%.

Why choose WasteFocus? With vast experience and knowledge in the waste removal industry, the team of professional waste managers at WasteFocus oversees the entire process to maximize your monthly savings.

How much time does it take?: Once you’ve provided the necessary documentation, you can easily reap the benefits of cheaper waste hauling without any further time investment.

How do I get started?: All that’s needed is your latest statement or invoice from your waste hauler

*In order to receive a savings quote, we will need copies of your most recent invoices. Enrollment will be determined based on your current agreement(s) and expiration date(s). Savings for many municipal managed cities and towns such as New York City, New Jersey, Orlando and many cities in California are not permitted.


Exclusive Discounts from WasteFocus

Exclusive Discounts from UniFirst | Savings4Members

With more than 35,000 brandable SKUs, enhance your business image with apparel, safety gear and facility supplies customized for your brand. From there, UniFirst handles pickup & delivery, laundering, maintenance and even ordering administration for your business. With coast-to-coast coverage and easy restocking services for items like cleaning supplies, hard hats, safety glasses, work gloves, GOJO/Purell hand cleaners, and more; UniFirst has you covered.

A professional look for less

Save 20-40% off local pricing on rental or leasing programs, as well as 25% off all purchases

Fully stocked facilities

UniFirst is here to help you create a cleaner & safer space with clean mats, mops, shop towels, sanitation supplies and more with their facility service solutions.

Discounted delivery & more

Combine free setup and discounted delivery with free work-shirt pressing, repairs, size exchanges, and replacements due to normal wear & tear

Did you know:


91% of shoppers select a store to shop in because of its appearance, and clean uniforms remain a leading contributor to strong brand awareness..

UniFirst Facility Service Solutions can lower your housekeeping costs and make your cleaning solutions last longer. On a regular schedule they will visit your place of business to pick up soiled floor mats, mops, and wiping products and replace them with fresh, hygienically clean ones.

UniFirst can also restock your restroom supplies such as hand soaps, sanitizers, paper towels, sanitary tissue and air fresheners. Utilize this valuable member benefit today to streamline the way you outfit your facility and your people.

Members who are also current UniFirst customers are eligible to participate in the program within 12 months of current UniFirst contract renewal date. Discount reflects average member savings compared to competitor vendor pricing. Program available in the following states AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, GU, HI, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, PR, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI and Canadian service subject to location availability and distance from major markets.


Exclusive Discounts from UniFirst


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