Exclusive Discounts from ACE Hardware | Savings4Members

Make saving more on all of your hardware needs easy at your local Ace Hardware. As a member, you get exclusive discounts on paint, cleaning supplies, hand and power tools, plumbing, electrical, and more with easy in-store pickup and delivery*.

In-Store Savings

10% off* your purchase online and at participating retail stores

Top Brands

10% off tools, including premium brands like Milwaukee

Bulk discounts

Buy more, and save more

From key cutting and screen & window repair to paint, machine rental and more


Ace Hardware makes it easy for you to get the supplies you need when you need them. Online ordering, in-store pickup, and delivery ensure you get the supplies you need when you need them – from the member-owned hardware store that’s Nationally Strong and Locally Convenient.

With discounted access to the routine and hard to find items you need, your local Ace store and your member discounts come together to add new ease and savings when it comes to getting you the supplies you need to get the job done.

*10% off excludes preferred brands such as Big Green Egg, Weber and Yeti. List of excluded brands under Payments & Pricing > Exclusions.*
*Delivery and services vary by store


Exclusive Discounts from ACE Hardware

Exclusive Discounts from Lamprey Systems | Savings4Members

Ever wonder if your shipments actually make it to their destination on time? Lamprey Systems is here to take care of that for you. See immediate reductions in your FedEx/UPS expenses while gaining actionable insights into your shipping habits with no additional effort

FedEx and UPS auditing

Track and monitor ground, air and international shipments

No-risk, No obligation

No long-term contracts, minimums or additional fees required

Get a shipping assessment

Every member is entitled to a no-cost evaluation of your current contract, rates & shipping operations.

Cut one of your largest costs


Shipping is typically the third or fourth highest expense for independent businesses

Lamprey will submit claims for inaccurately billed shipments and service failures on your behalf, so all you have to do is sit back and manage your business.

Lamprey Systems will invoice for 45% of all savings you receive from UPS and FedEx each month. Member’s gain share is 55% of all refunds. *Ground shipments intra-Canada do not qualify for late package refunds, but shipments to and/or from the United States qualify for savings.


Exclusive Discounts from Lamprey Systems

Exclusive Discounts from WasteFocus | Savings4Members

For the average business, waste handling can be a drastically overlooked area of your overhead costs, but as a member – you have access to the best rates possible. Make wasting on waste a thing of the past with your member benefits. From dumpsters to bulk items, construction and demolition materials, and more – WasteFocus will oversee the entire process for you, ensuring efficient and effective services that maximize your savings from month to month. It’s fast, easy, risk-free, and great for your bottom line.

Lower costs

Significantly reduce solid waste and recycling expenses by as much as 35%

Pay nothing out of pocket

WasteFocus only gets paid by putting money back in your pocket, retaining a small percentage of the savings

Keep your current hauler

In many cases, members need not make any changes to their existing hauler arrangements

Optimize your waste accounts today


As recycling challenges become a primary driver of increasing waste costs, Industry experts expect waste & recycling costs to rise close to 45%.

Why choose WasteFocus? With vast experience and knowledge in the waste removal industry, the team of professional waste managers at WasteFocus oversees the entire process to maximize your monthly savings.

How much time does it take?: Once you’ve provided the necessary documentation, you can easily reap the benefits of cheaper waste hauling without any further time investment.

How do I get started?: All that’s needed is your latest statement or invoice from your waste hauler



Exclusive Discounts from WasteFocus

*In order to receive a savings quote, we will need copies of your most recent invoices. Enrollment will be determined based on your current agreement(s) and expiration date(s). Savings for many municipal managed cities and towns such as New York City, New Jersey, Orlando and many cities in California are not permitted.

Exclusive Discounts from CardConnect AIP | Savings4Members

Are you looking to earn more from every credit card payment? CardConnect AIP offers members an easy-to-understand pricing model that typically results in a reduction in fees of up to 40%. Members receive unbeatable customer service with no early termination fees, next day funding, and periodic account audits to ensure you’re always saving with the best rates.


Easily accept payment in Card-present, Card not-present & mobile situations



Protect customers & your business with the latest security technologies, like P2PE, tokenization, and more

Transaction Management

Easily get all the information you need with an online portal to view & manage transactions in real-time

Are you really getting the best rates?


Find out today – 98% of member-statements analyzed have resulted in savings.

Let us double-check your current processing environment with a no-obligation analysis. CardConnect AIP aims to be the last processor you will ever need, by providing HONEST pricing & service, from people who actually know your business.

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Exclusive Discounts from CardConnect AIP

There is no wrong way to get a Savings Assessment by Saving for Members

The only wrong way, is to not do it at all

Because you’re part of WISA you have access to 20 benefits and a team of Experts  to make cutting-costs with them easy. Ready to get started with a Free Savings Assessment? Your Savings Assessment will have one of two outcomes:

You’re overspending!

Uncover where you’re overspending and see how your 20 benefits can help save you time and money.

You’re not overspending!

Great job! You’re already spending as little as possible to operate and supply your business. The second look was worth it though, right?

All it takes is 10 minutes


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