Alarm Industry Pledge

A chartered member of the Electronic Security Association Established 1988

As a security industry professional, committed to the security of my clients and the public safety of my community; and
as a leader of my company, I hereby pledge to take, at a minimum, the following steps to reduce false alarms:


  • To employ Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) as the standard operating procedure for monitoring the burglar alarm signals of my
    clients. ECV shall be defined as: Attempting telephone verification at the protected premises. Then, if that call results in a no
    answer, or a busy signal, a second call shall be made to an alternate phone number such as a cell phone, work or second number
    at premises.
  • Implement a process to identify any clients requiring excessive police dispatch. Implement
    proactive means to address and resolve the false alarm problems of these clients.
    Excessive shall be defined as three or more false police dispatches in any 90-day period.
  • Consider use of alarm control panels and other equipment for new installations, retrofits
    and service replacements that are certified as meeting industry false alarm features (ie CP-01; PR-01).
  • Suggest to new clients a 7-day break-in period during which alarms would not be dispatched to the police.
  • Obtain from each new client a signed Installation Completion form that indicates that they have been trained and fully understand
    proper operation of their alarm system. Advise all new clients to determine if there is a local alarm ordinance in their community,
    and to abide by its requirements.
  • If a client refuses to cooperate and do their part to reduce false dispatches, then they shall either have monitoring service
    terminated, or remove police dispatch instructions from their procedure.
  • As leader of my organization, to instill in my staff recognition that false alarms must be eliminated in the interests of our clients,
    our communities and our individual company.



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